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The prestigious association faces its toughest challenge yet…

A once beautiful game has been tainted and defamed by officials who, in the words of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, “…were expected to uphold the rules that make soccer honest…” Words said at a conference held to formally charge FIFA officials accused of corruption and money laundering amongst other charges. The misconduct is alleged to go back as far as 2decades, as the officials have been accepting bribes and issuing media and marketing rights for FIFA games for an estimated $150million. Touching closer to home South Africa’s 2010 World Cup is being stated to have been a result of bribery. An estimated $10million is said to have been negotiated between former South African president, Thabo Mbeki and former FIFA president, Sepp Blatter. The money was allegedly deducted from South Africa’s organising budget for the World Cup; needless to say this takes away the importance of the event being held in Africa for the first time. Though Mbeki claims the payment was made in support of soccer in the Caribbean US authorities adds the incident to FIFA’s list of bribes. Hopefully FIFA can return to its former glory but for now the world looks on as the case continues to unravel.



Deforestation is a problem that keeps growing, so much so even rap artists are getting involved. Using art to raise awareness.

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Trees play a significant role in the running and survival of planet earth and it’s safe to say planet earth’s inhabitants are not paying attention. Research has shown that about 15 million trees are being removed from earth but with a mind bottling 5 million being planted. These statistics pose a great concern as trees deal with a number of issues like the greenhouse effect and climate change. Issues responsible for many disasters across the globe, top of the list are the rising of sea levels which have affected the likes of Bangladesh. However some people are taking initiative like the American rapper, Prince Ea, who recently released a video on YouTube addressing the problem. The video touches on careless rants of figures in power namely, Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska who do not take the matter seriously and challenges people to be the change needed. Prince Ea is involved with the STANDFORTREES organisation as his way of saving earth. The organisation aims at protecting forests which fights the greenhouse effect and climate change at the same time. Only time can tell if these initiatives will help, for now we can try our hardest to avoid apologizing to tomorrow’s generations.