With one of the biggest and, arguably, most successful economies on the African continent, South Africa still finds itself in the midst of load shedding. Compared to larger power houses like, China who have used as much as 439 billion KW/h in 2008. South Africa struggles with power cuts at about 40 billion KW/h.

Fellow African countries like Nigeria use less power with an average of 10.24 billion in 2008, while generating a more vibrant economy mainly from their oil industries. One should also keep in mind most of Nigeria is rural according to the World Bank report 2014.

A breakdown of South Africa’s use of electricity as a nation sheds more light on its high consumption of power. Eskom reports majority of the electricity consumed is in industries sitting at 37.7% and mining at 15%. Bringing the concern of high power consumption to a need as 57.7% is directed at growing the economy.

Since the high consumption is a need, different industries are taking the initiative to put up solar panel systems to meet their demand for power.



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