The choice of a public bathroom should be an easy one depending on your sex, a luxury that most transgender students doesn’t have. With all the stress that comes with being transgender no one needs the whole world weighing in on whether they should use the male or female bathroom.

Ironically this is a conversation that has politicians in the United States of America butting heads. South Dakota governor, Dennis Daugaard vetoed a bill on the first of March 2016 that would have forced transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that matched their sex at birth. Transgender celebrity, Caitlyn Jenner called on Daugaard to throw out the bill, which the governor did after vast opposition from organisations such as the Human Rights Campaign.

The bill was seen as discriminatory by all opposition, a hurdle even in 2016 transgender students and the entire population have to deal with. Even here in Africa transgender students face discrimination and disrespect towards their preferred gender. Postgraduate student, Sandile Ndelu from the University of Cape Town spoke on how so much is yet to be done to address the needs of transgender students in an interview in 2015. Talks with students such as Ndelu shed light on how urgent solutions should be reached as more and more transgender students are attempting and succeeding suicide and experiencing violent attacks.


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